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Smallest Flying Object I've Seen - Photography of Robin Dobbie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Smallest Flying Object I've Seen [Nov. 28th, 2013|04:55 am]
This isn't really a "pretty" picture, but I thought it was mildly interesting. I saw this last night in a sealed dish that I would not have imagined anything could get in. I was wrong.

The coin is a dime. I used a 50mm with 12mm and 25mm extension tubes. Also, it's a massive crop. Someday I'll be able to justify the expense of an MP-E 65. But, until then, massive crops and extension tubes will have to do.

Also, I notice Imgur deletes EXIF info, which is unfortunate. I'm thinking it's a "safety" feature, for those who post phone pics with GPS coordinates embedded. So, I'm back to ImageShack. I don't believe ImageShack is nearly as robust as Imgur, but I don't think my photoblog here gets many visitors.